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General terms and conditions

1. Basic provisions
         These Terms and Conditions govern the relations of supplies of goods and services between the company MECASYS (the "Vendor") and the customer (hereinafter "Purchaser"). Any other terms and conditions are not binding for the Contractor, even if they are part of the order buyer.
2. Subject of the sale
2.1 The subject of sale is any goods from electronic commerce MECASYS Ltd. or other goods specified by written agreement between customer and supplier. The goods must be ordered in writing (mail, fax, e-mail) order should contain the following information:
         - The exact name of the customer, his registration number, VAT number and registered address
         - The exact address of delivery if different from the customer's seat
         - Contact person who handles order and contact this person (phone, e-mail)
         - As precise as possible specification of the order, including best catalog number
 Inaccurate or incomplete data on orders may adversely affect the delivery time.

2.2 Accepted by each contractor confirms the order in writing, to confirm the order will be the exact specification of goods including catalog number, price of goods, the expected date of delivery and the number of transactions to be allocated to the order. The customer is obliged Confirmation duly checked, particularly the specification of goods and its price, confirm its agreement signed and sent back to the supplier. This becomes binding order a change or cancellation is possible only after mutual agreement. If the Purchaser do not oppose the particulars listed in the order confirmation within 5 days after you send the order to the supplier, should be approved for this confirmation.
2.3 Supplier reserves the right to confirm the request in the sales contract, the order is considered as a valid confirmation of the purchase agreement by both parties.
The price of goods
3.1 The price of goods is determined by the price list of the Contractor. Prices listed in the price list are subject to change without notice. Supplier reserves the right to change prices following a change in producer prices and changes in the EUR / USD respectively. EUR / CZK. Valid price of goods is always on the booking confirmation.
3.2 All prices in the catalog also in other materials are in EUR ex VAT falls when indicated. When the importation of goods is any duty included in the price.
3.3 Transport within the Slovak Republic is included in the price of goods, and it does not Contractor except in the following cases:
        3.3.1 For orders of goods in 2500 EUR VAT will be charged to the customer handling fee of 15-50 EUR depending on the weight, structure and volume of deliveries (in the case of delivery to split this fee will be charged only once, when the first payment ).
        3.3.2 By taking of extremely bulky or heavy (eg. Laboratory equipment, furniture, tables) will be charged for the transport of both parties agreed in advance.
4. Payment terms and transfer of title
4.1 Payment of fees is done by prior agreement, either by transfer, on the basis of a tax document with agreed maturity in advance or cash on receipt of goods. In case of cash payment the Customer shall notify the Contractor day before delivery of the goods their delivery, when goods are transported by courier announces the delivery of goods delivery service.
4.2 Supplier reserves the right, in appropriate cases, require payment of the full agreed price or part of it beforehand (for example, if it is a special order goods or if it has doubts about the smooth racing payments).
4.3 Liability for damage to goods passes to the customer the moment of meeting supplies. The ownership of the goods passes to the buyer by the moment of payment of the purchase price for the goods. By payment means crediting the amount paid to the supplier's account.
5. Delivery terms

5.1 delivery time is 1-8 weeks, depending on the structure and extent of the order. Acknowledges the fulfillment of the delivery in parts.
5.2 Transport of goods at the place designated in the order provided by the supplier their delivery, courier or mail.
5.3 The customer is obliged to ensure receipt of goods at a specified place. Unless the purchaser refuses to accept the goods without stating a serious reason, the Contractor is entitled to charge the Customer with a handling fee of up to actual cost of transporting the goods to the customer and the customer is obliged to pay it.
5.4 Where the nature of the goods requires the included operating instructions in Slovak language. Supplier reserves the right advice buyer commissioning service personnel of the Contractor. In case of refusal, the Contractor is entitled not to recognize a guarantee against defects caused by faulty installation or operation. Commissioning and operator training paid by the customer, according to the current pricelist maintenance services supplier which is given below in the section Service.
5/5 seller and the buyer have agreed to the following cancellation charges relating to returning the goods to the seller because the buyer's side. Buyer agrees to pay Seller a cancellation fee of 15 EUR excluding VAT if the goods despatched to the buyer, the buyer when the goods are not the carrier under the terms of the manner of delivery unless both parties agree otherwise. Buyer agrees to pay Seller a cancellation fee of 25% of the purchase price of the ordered goods without VAT in case of despatched goods to the buyer when the buyer takes over and withdraws from the contract because of the claim of withdrawal in respect of consumer contract according to § 52 of the Civil Code concluded using the means of distance communication, if it is a consumer contract and the conditions for withdrawal and the goods can not be sold as new. The buyer is obliged to pay a cancellation fee of 15, - EUR Excluding VAT If shipment of the goods to the buyer when the buyer takes over the goods and withdraw from the contract because of the claim of withdrawal in respect of consumer contract under sec. § 52 of the Civil Code concluded using means of distance communication, if it is a consumer contract and the conditions for the withdrawal and return the product as packaged and goods can be sold as new, unless both parties agree otherwise. Withdrawal must be made in writing, must contain all the elements that serve to identify the goods, the seller and buyer and must be within 14 days with the goods delivered to the seat of the seller to the buyer's expense. The seller pays the buyer the full amount minus the cancellation fee within 14 days of receipt of goods to the address of the seller. Seller reserves the right to cancel the order if the goods are no longer produced, not delivered or are significantly altered price goods supplied. In which case the buyer so the delay.
6.3  Prípadná náhrada škody je vylúčená.
6. Liability for defects
6.1 On receipt the customer is obliged to carry out a physical check on supplies and checked against the packing slip. If a check reveals obvious defects or missing or broken goods is obliged to immediately report to the Contractor and goods at their own expense returned to the supplier: for goods transported by the Contractor on site upon presentation delivery, mail and goods are transported by courier no later than 7 days of its receipt. Later complaints of this nature will be considered. Consignments which packaging is clearly damaged or are obvious signs of damage other items, a customer does not accept ads directly by mail or delivery service.
6.2 The Contractor shall not be liable for defects caused by conduct of the customer, which is inconsistent with the supplied manual or with generally recognized principles of GLP.
6.3 Possible damages is excluded.
7. Warranty
7.1 In the scope of delivery Supplier shall issue a proper letter of guarantee, which sets out the conditions for the recognition and further guarantees kind and device serial number, date of sale and the length of the warranty period.
7.2 The warranty includes free removal of defects arising during the warranty period:
        - Manufacturing error
        - Material defect
        - Assembly or installation by Supplier
7.3 The length of the guarantee is different for different types of goods, its length is listed in the warranty.
7.4 The warranty period begins to run from the date of receipt of goods by the customer. Do warranty period does not count the time from application of a justified complaint to the elimination of the claimed defect.
7.5 The warranty does not cover defects caused by:
        - Mechanical, thermal or electrical damage
        - Use of the product contrary to the instructions for use
        - Wrong transportation or storage
        - By unauthorized persons
        - Unavoidable event (natural disaster, etc.).
7.6 The warranty does not apply to wear the goods or parts due to normal usage and defects due to which was negotiated lower cost of goods.
7.7 No warranty can be claimed if the user does not duly completed warranty card or if arbitrary changes in the warranty.
7.8 Warranty is void of non-compliance or failure to comply with operating regular user maintenance in accordance with instructions for use. The guarantee also expires if the product to intervene in any way misuse.
7.9 To perform a free warranty service the user is required to present the product in its original packaging, including the required documentation:
        - Written order Guarantee service with a description of the defect and customer data (name, address, ID number, contact person and connection)
        - A copy of the warranty card
        - Protocol on decontamination (more details in section 8.4 of these Terms and Conditions).
10.7 The warranty for illegal, the supplier reserves the right to require the user cover the expenses.
11.7 The Contractor shall not be liable for any damages incurred as a result neprevádzkyschopnosti or malfunction of the product, and for any claim brought against a third party user.
8. Service
8.1 The supplied equipment supplier providing customer service. The place of services performed is of the supplier. When asked for servicing at the headquarters of the customer is always charged to the travel service technician of 0.4, - EUR / km and a waste of time of 6 EUR / hour. In the case of post-warranty service it is charged on supplies, spare parts and labor repair technician of 20, - EUR / hour.
8.2 The Contractor shall provide spare parts for goods delivered at least for the time when they will be still available from the device manufacturer.
8.3 In the first post-warranty service is performed fault diagnosis and the customer is familiar with the expected range and price of repair. Unless the repair is not subsequently confirmed by subscribers, it is for diagnosis charged a fee of 28, - EUR.
8.4 For any request for servicing (guaranty) the purchaser is required to submit to the Contractor the necessary documentation and assistance.
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9. Final Provisions
9.1 If you do not provide sales or other written arrangement between suppliers and buyers differently expressed customer placing an order agrees to these General Terms and Conditions.
9.2 The rights and obligations arising from relationships between suppliers and customers are governed by Slovak law. In the event that any provision of these General Terms and Conditions are inconsistent with applicable law, it remains the validity of all other provisions intact.
9.3 General Terms and Conditions are published on the Internet at and current catalog of the Contractor.
9.4 These Terms and Conditions become valid and effective on 01.12.2009 and replaces in its entirety any existing terms and conditions.